• Lj Ryan

    Lj Ryan

    Working in Sales Admin but practiced life under many other careers. Proud member of The Independent Irish Authors Collective, writing is Lj’s life after family

  • Frederick Salazar

    Frederick Salazar

    software and data engineer, student of master in Bussines Intelligence Big Data and Data Science in Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, apassionate for the tech

  • Ogreatgames


    We are a video game retailer specializing in video games, consoles and other electronics! Our website is https://ogreatgames.com/.

  • Mazhar Jan

    Mazhar Jan

  • Atif Mehrban

    Atif Mehrban

    Student.Programmer. Traveler. Writer

  • Andres Vera

    Andres Vera

  • HRH Joyner

    HRH Joyner

    UNC, Yale! England Victor over Rome. Astronomy.

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