Linear Regression: Fitting a straight line to a set of observations.

React being a library and not a framework is good. But Why?

  • Frameworks are not flexible as they require you to follow rules.
  • Frameworks are full of features and difficult to customize.

Prerequisites for React:

  1. Basics of Javascript(Variables, Objects, Functions, Loops)
  2. Learning JS(

So why should you use React?

  • The ability to work with a friendlier and optimized VIrtual Browser (Virtual-DOM) as compared to Real DOM.
  • You…

Lets dive right into ECMA Script

JavaScript Variables and Block Scopes

What is a Block Scope?


Bayes Theorem

Introduction to ML

Well, what is Data Leakage?


About the Dataset

Zain Ul Ebad

Computer Scientist | Content Writer | Intrapreneur

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